Virtual Inclusive Learning Academy (VILA) is an online educational hub that is designed to provide academic support and job training to adults with developmental delays and create opportunities for success. 

Registration is now open for Spring 2022

*Must be over 18 to enroll

The VILA Experience

Overcoming barriers created by COVID-19

VILA gives students the opportunity to access services from a distance, eliminates the time spent on waitlists and travel and combats social isolation

Fun & engaging learning experience

VILA's professional team uses a next-generation Learning Management System to create the most interactive and engaging learning experience

Person-centered approach

VILA's curriculum focuses on the student’s needs, aspirations and goals, not their condition or disability.

Lifelong Learning

VILA aids in building resilience, increases confidence and abilities and enables students to become valued community members and enjoy a meaningful and dignified quality of life
Choose Your Courses
Pet Care & Training
An introduction to skills required to tend to a pet's needs .

This course is an introduction to skills required to tend to a pet’s needs and is intended for anyone who is interested in adopting or working/volunteering with pets. The course will specifically focus on learning about dogs and cats. Topics include:

  • Dog and cat breeds
  • What dog/cat breed is best for me
  • Strategies in overcoming pet fears
  • Pet hygiene 
Intro to Barista Skills
A foundational course for anyone wishing to become a barista.

An introductory course teaching the fundamentals of coffee and tea  preparation. Topics include:

  • Introduction to barista skills
  • Overview of the history of coffee & tea
  • Cover the different production methods
Food Handling & Safety
Learn about hygiene, equipment, food handling, and kitchen safety

Students will learn the necessary hygiene and safety skills for safe food handling.  Topics include:

  • Safely handling raw foods
  • Safe food temperatures
  • Sanitizing work surfaces
  • Preventing kitchen emergencies
  • Best safety practices for food service
Job search Techniques
An introductory course to acquiring skills to obtain a job.

This course is an introduction to skills required to obtain a job in today’s market. Topics include:

  • types of work,
  • workplace vocabulary,
  • employee’s rights (specific to individuals with disabilities,)
  • communication skills, and more.
Social Media & Internet Safety
Obtain skills required for safe social media use.

This course will provide the skills required to safely use social media to communicate with family and friends. Topics include:

  • Managing online interactions safely and positively, with an emphasis on appropriate boundaries and social skills.
Creative Expression
Learn the fundamentals of self expression

Students will explore different ways for self-expression in a fun and interactive class. Through theatre and music practices, they will be able to share their ideas and create as a group.

Who We Are

DANI (Developing and Nurturing Independence), a non for profit organization, provides person-centered educational programs and vocational training to adults with intellectual disabilities. DANI has served hundreds of families in the last 15 years and is continuing to develop new ways to nurture, enrich, and educate adults with disabilities. VILA is the online campus of DANI.


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